Is there such a thing as “bad Paintless Dent Repair?” It may seem like an uncommon question, yet we felt compelled to answer that question in this blog, because the very short, unfortunate answer is YES.

Bad Paintless Dent Repair does exist. As with any industry, any service, any product, there are great companies, there are the middle of the road companies, and  the not-so-great companies. I fundamentally feel that the companies who do “bad” PDR or Paintless Dent Repair aren’t doing it intentionally, but rather a lack of time, proper training and the instinct to admit fault when there is a bad repair are what causes bad Paintless Dent Repair. A new PDR tech with only 2 months experience isn’t as equipped skill-wise as a PDR tech with 17 years experience who specializes in auto hail repair. We often see that companies who specialize in small door dings and dents have little to no understanding of the automotive hail repair process. I can imagine this is similar to an Executive Chef at a Michelin star restaurant compared to a line cook at your local chain restaurant.

The same is equally true with our industry and given the specialized nature of our industry, we have excellent Paintless Dent Repair companies which we would venture to say that most companies and the people and technicians within those companies are great at what they do! Competition ultimately only benefits the consumers in the end as inevitably competition drives those that are bad companies out of business and the companies that excel at what they do rise to the top and give consumers more quality options to choose from.

However, we often see the direct results of bad Paintless Dent Repair with vehicles that come into our shop. While we certainly never hope to see a bad PDR repair and the same for our customers, the reality is that it exists. We found a great gallery online compiled by NAPDRT (National Alliance of Paintless Dent Repair Technician, whom aim is to bring together consumer education, best practices, research to our industry) to educate our customers with what “bad” Paintless Dent Repair looks like

Here are some of the more common types of bad PDR repair that we see:

  1. Cracked Paint
  2. High Spots (very similar to a skin of a Raspberry, which some techs call Raspberry skins) or Overpushing
  3. Unnessceary body drilling (sometimes drilling is necessary to access difficult areas of a vehicle – and would be disclosed prior to occurring) and lack of rustproofing or plugging drill marks.

In the picture on this blog, this is a real vehicle brought in by a customer of 0urs here at Colorado Auto Hail Pros. You can see from the high spots, multiple instances of cracked paint that this was a new PDR tech who had worked on the vehicle, which unfortunately cost this dealership more money for the repair to fix the additional damage created. Sadly, it won’t be the last car we will see here at Colorado Auto Hail Pros of our customers asking us to fix repairs that had already been previously attempted by another PDR Tech (we are experts in this field and have over 17 years experience as a PDR technician).

We hope our customers will always believe in the quality and integrity of our work which we do enjoy showcasing here: Colorado Auto Hail Pros Instagram

To quote our friends from NAPDRT, “Don’t pick a PDR technician by price…make sure you use a quality PDR tech.” Our motto here is that the proof is always in the quality of work we do!