Comprehensive Auto Insurance: The Beginner’s Guide

May 14, 2018

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Comprehensive Auto Insurance is another classification of auto insurance that most consumers aren’t aware of. I certainly didn’t prior to entering into the automotive hail repair world. Comprehensive auto insurance is a necessary evil when it comes to being prepared for the “what-if” scenarios in life. There are some major differences between Collision Insurance and Comprehensive Auto Insurance. Here in Colorado, Comprehensive Auto Insurance is something we recommend at Colorado Auto Hail Pros to all of our customers, to protect themselves from Mother Nature and especially against automotive hail damage. Hail storms occur frequently here in Colorado and cause massive amounts of damage to vehicles, so having this type of insurance is necessary if you live in states where natural disasters occur frequently.

Allstate wrote an excellent article about Comprehensive Auto Insurance here and most insurance companies have great articles about what is covered if you have Comprehensive Auto Insurance.

So, what is the difference between Collision Insurance and Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

Let’s start with the basics: collision insurance is exactly as it sounds, insurance coverage for incidents involving a collision. comprehensive insurance is essentially everything other than a collision. For example: your car is stolen overnight and you go to file a claim against collision insurance. The insurance company would deny your claim as theft or vandalism isn’t covered by collision insurance. Now, if you had comprehensive insurance to accompany your collision insurance, the vehicle would be covered under the comprehensive umbrella.

Some areas that are covered with comprehensive auto insurance include:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism, fire, riots, and explosions
  • Windshield and glass damage
  • Falling trees/limbs and other objects
  • Rocks/objects kicked up by or falling off cars
  • Storms, hail, wind, floods, lightning, and earthquakes
  • Accidents with animals (like hitting a deer)

The Insurance Information Institute (III) wrote an excellent blog as well about the benefits of having Comprehensive Auto Insurance and what it can do for you if you find yourself in something other than an accident.

Click on the links below to your insurance carrier to find out the specifics regarding what is covered with their particular insurance policies below:



State Farm



Liberty Mutual