“Where do I start with fixing my hail damaged car?” is a common question we get here at Colorado Auto Hail Pros from our customers. Our customers are #1, so our goal here is to take the headaches, frustration and confusion out of the auto hail damage process and give some clarity and transparency. Where to start, is often times, the most confusing part of the process for our customers who have never had a car damaged by a hail storm or any automotive hail damage in Denver. We outline the process on our website Here

Unsure of how it all works? Here’s a quick rundown!

1. A Hailstorm Happens

2. Call Your Insurance Carrier (Provided you have comprehensive auto insurance & Schedule an inspection)

3. Call Colorado Auto Hail Pros

4. We Become Your Customer Advocate (Colorado Auto Hail Pros will handle everything with your insurance carrier)

5. Our expert PDR technicians fix your vehicle (If you need additional services we’ll be glad to help discuss the options)

6. We call you back (to schedule drop-off or pick up)

7. If you’re satisfied with the repairs..leave us a review on our social media sites! (We’ll never bribe or pay you to write a review)