Q) Will filing an insurance claim raise my premium or rate?

A) No- it will not. Hail damage is considered an “act of god” and insurance companies cannot raise rates due to the category & classification of a hail catastrophe. We can’t believe it either, but for the “official” verdict, here is the Colorado Code of Regulations 3 CCR 702-5 that weighs in on the topic. Pay particular attention to Section 5, B.1 – Rules (particularly page 60/81 section (wink, wink) CCR PAGE 60

Q) How long does the repair process take?

A) Great question! Depending on the amount of damage and type of repair to the vehicle, the repair process with traditional PDR can take anywhere from same-day service to 3 days, again depending on the severity/size/location of hail damage. PDR is EXCEPTIONALLY faster than taking your car in to get repaired by a traditional body shop!

If your car needs repairs outside of our PDR process (“conventional” body shop work), our expert technicians and staff will refer you to an appropriate service to receive the best service possible.

Q) Is Paintless Dent Repair an eco-friendly process?

A) YES- PDR is done utilizing the original metal of your vehicle and specialty metal tools with no need for body filler, paint or nasty compounds that are environmentally unfriendly! Think of our technicians as master metal “craftsmen!”

Q) What type of insurance is required on my vehicle?

A) Colorado Auto Hail Pros recommend that all customers carry “comprehensive” insurance, which covers hail damage under this category. Your traditional collision insurance only covers exactly as the name implies- damage to your vehicle by a collision incident. Rather then explain every detail about what comprehensive insurance covers, here is a good article by our friends at AllstateTM that give a good overview of comprehensive insurance. COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE

Q) So how does Paintless Dent Repair actually work?

A) We’ll do our best to simplify it- PDR (paintless dent repair) is the method and technique of using specialized tools (and sometimes special glue) to restore a dent (hail, ding, or other) using the natural metal shape and memory of the vehicle, done by an expertly trained technician.

The method, speed and process by which this is accomplished can vary from technician to technician, which is why we recommend asking your shop the years of experience for their particular technicians that will be repairing your vehicle. Our technicians have a combined 30 years of experience. PDR has been around for close to 58 years (give or take)which makes our technicians subject matter experts- or old depending on who you are asking

Q) What if I don’t have insurance? Can I still get my car repaired by Colorado Auto Hail Pros?

A) No insurance is never an issue, so yes we absolutely can. Call our office to have one of our staff give you an estimate for your vehicle repairs!

Q) What if my insurance check is too low to cover the estimated cost of repairs?

A) This happens often, so don’t panic. We will file what is called a “supplement” with the insurance company and take care of the headache associated with handling the additional documentation!

Q) What is an estimate? How do I file it?

A) Instead of reinventing the wheel, we’ll let our friends over at Progressive Insurance TM describe in detail for you EXACTLY what an estimate is. What Is An Estimate?

Q) The insurance check is made out to me, help?

A) Again, don’t panic! This is a common practice for insurance companies to make the check out to you as the individual if you own the car outright. If you are leasing the vehicle, more likely than not the check will be made out to you and the repair shop (two-party check). Call our office to discuss how we will handle the check being distributed via our directive to pay form. 

Q) Do you use any OEM parts with PDR repair?

A) Simple answer – no we do not! PDR does not require replacing parts; our method requires only a skilled PDR technician and the tools of our PDR craftwork to work on the metal of your vehicle (carefully, of course)!

The only time we would ever need to replace/repair parts is if the paint is cracked/chipped or the technician believes that the dent cannot be fixed using our PDR process.

Q) Will the value of my car decrease if I repair my car using your PDR process?

A) No it will not; PDR is the preferred method to repair vehicles as it does not require traditional body work (ugly body filler, paint, replacement parts)! Using PDR will actually help RESTORE the value of your vehicle since the original shape of your vehicles metal is restored by our expert technicians!

Q) Why Colorado Auto Hail Pros?

The million dollar question, the question to end all other questions! The REAL question is why not Colorado Auto Hail Pros? We constantly get asked this question and the answer each time is very simple:

If you are a parent, would you have a babysitter who has 15 years of experience with babysitting watch your children, or a babysitter with 6 months of experience?

Clearly – it would be the more experienced babysitter (it’s a trick question).  If you would entrust someone with 15 years of babysitting experience with something so valuable, can’t the same be said about your vehicle and whom you would entrust the repairs with? We think so too!

We highly emphasize the fact that we SPECIALIZE in automotive hail repair (utilizing PDR) and have been experts in the skilled field of PDR for over 16 years: our technicians are EXPERTS in their crafts and have over 30 years of experience with a process that has been around for 58 years. Coupled with our company focus on an old phrase “customer service above all” and a company culture revolving around you, the customer, the end result is unmatched!  Your vehicle will never ever know that it was damaged in a hail storm (we promise we wouldn’t tell, either)!

Q) Does Colorado Auto Hail Pros offer additional services?

A) The simple answer is yes! Call our office to discuss what other services we have to offer, even if you feel it is not in our “scope” of practice and specialty!

Q) Does Colorado Auto Hail Pros offer a warranty on repairs to my vehicle?

A) YES, We will never send a vehicle out of the shop that we wouldn’t want our parents to be proud of. All of our work comes with a lifetime warranty on the original repairs which you can find HERE (hyperlink to the Colorado Auto Hail Pros PDR Warranty)

Q) What are the consequences or risks of not repairing my hail damaged vehicle?

A) This is an easy topic for us, here are the reasons TO get your vehicle repaired

  1. Impact on Resale Value
  • If you own the car and try to resell in the future, you will be selling the car at a much lower price due to the hail damage. If you have leased the vehicle, you will be responsible for the repair total of the hail damage as you do not own the vehicle. Plain and simple, by choosing to the repair the vehicle you will be getting the maximum amount for your vehicle when it is time to turn it in to the dealership or if you chose to sell down the road. 
  1. Cracked Paint = Rust = Bad News
  • The risk of the vehicle rusting if there is cracked paint is the PRIMARY reason to get the vehicle repaired. Rust leads to structural integrity issues, which can cause fatal and serious flaws in automobiles. Rust can lead to:
  • Body & Structural Damage
  • Engine Damage
  • Damage to Electronic systems
  1. Future Damage & Insurance Fraud
  • We hear some customers roll the dice and try to keep the insurance check without getting their vehicle repaired. This is an issue for two reasons: one, it is considered consumer insurance fraud and two, an insurance restriction for “unrepaired damage” is in effect on your insurance policy once a hail claim is issued; any future claims may be denied until your hail damage is repaired. Example – if you have a check for $1,500 of hail damage and you choose to not get the vehicle repaired and go out and get in a fender bender causing $5,000 worth of damage, you are responsible for the difference in the new repairs from the old repairs. Even worse, the insurance company may DENY your new claim altogether. We highly recommend not taking this route and entrusting your hail damage repair to our team at Colorado Auto Hail Pros!

You will be so impressed with the repairs that you won’t even notice that your car had damage in the first place!